Green and White Teddy Bear

by Kai
(redford charter township mi)

Green and White Teddy Bear

Green and White Teddy Bear

I have a green and white teddy bear. I have no idea where he came from, I just have always had him. I think I got him when I was about 3 years.

He's green with a white snout, white paw pads under his feet and white inside his ears. I'm pretty sure he either has dophee plastic screw in eyes or marble. (They've chipped alot over time) He has either a dophee plastic screw in or marble heart shaped nose. (This too has chipped away a lot over time) He also has a yellow tie on his neck. He has no tag.

He's over-all about 16 inches.

His arms are 5 inches and his legs are about 6 inches.

I'm pretty sure he's made with polyester. Not sure what type of stuffing he was stuffed with, but he also has like a bean bag inside his body.

I'd really love to identify the maker and what type of bear he is since I've had him for so long. I've tried looking for about a year now, but with no luck.

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