Grey old bear

by Julia McLaren
(Nova Scotia, Canada)



Back in 2009, me and my mother went to an elderly couples yard sale and purchased this bear. He was already quite worn down but at the time had a oval shaped black nose and we purchased him for two dollars. I’ve had him with me over the years and at one point he did have tags, but they were quickly cut off due to sensory issues I had. His fur is all clumpy and matted and his original stuffing is quite flattened and he’s had some sewing adjustments over the years but his black beady eyes still remain. His fur is medium gray and he has long arms, and short legs, and is in a sitting position but can be moved freely due to wear and tear. he has a long torso and long head and a big mouth/nose area. Because the tags were ripped off and we have no photos of his tags or any details whatsoever as to when he was from or his branding, we can’t find anything on the internet, i’ve come here to see if someone may be able to identify him after all this time.

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