Grey Teddy Bear With Black teardrop eyes, oval nose

by Thomas P C O Bowerman
(Korschenbroich, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany )

The bear is Grey, black teardrop shape eyes, with a velvet nose.

A round head, with a black thread going down from the nose to the bottom of his face.

The arms start thin and go to the paws with three black stitches of thread for the paws, the same for the legs. When the bear was new it sits up straight with the legs pointing forward rather than pointing straight down.

The label is worn so the identification marks are worn gone, the label is there but not the ink.

I have only seen three of these in my life, I own two, the third was in Asda play pen in Corby and was really really small.

The first bear was bought as a present in the 1980’s when I was living in Saudi, but didn’t come from Saudi, it was given to me by someone who was from Malaysia, but I believe they got it in the UK, the other I own was smaller and found in a charity shop, same problem with the ink on the label gone but the label is less worn and visible.

I have suspected it might be from mothercare from in the 1980’s but can’t guarantee it. I have never seen one on eBay or anywhere for sale.

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