Growley This is my Bear

by Georgy

This is my Bear that growls wen u lean him over

This is my Bear that growls wen u lean him over

I have had this bear for 50 years

Short quite flat muzzle really and you can see where it's worn , that there is the pelt of the fleece underneath and the area round the nose is in white fleece

Plastic nose with some stitching I can't remember if it's his original nose I seem to think it may have been replaced at one stage as he went to the dolls hospital in Manchester uk back in 1969 as I think his eye and nose needed repair but I'm not certain

They are plastic and are amber coloured

He's soft I think he has wool inside
He moves his arms and legs I think his head used to turn as well.

He's about a foot and a half tall, his ears are sort of part of his head

My bear will growl if tilted hence his name growly ,he's light brown and seems to be made of some sort of fleece mayb sheepskin his feet and hands and inside his ears used to have fur on them but this has worn away and you can see material

I got him the day I was born my grandmother purchased him for me I think he would have been quite expensive as my grandmother was that type of lady who only bought quality items he would have been purchased somewhere in the greater Manchester area in the uk, other than that I don't know anything about his origins .I love him to bits though

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Apr 29, 2020
by: Michelle

I was given this exact bear in 1969, my first birthday. I loved his soft growl. I have a picture of him the day I received him...many years later he was stolen from me. I, too, am trying to identify him. Have you identified him yet? I live in the US and mine was purchased in Chicago.
Any chance you figured out who made it?

Jan 07, 2017
Growley Bear
by: Catherine

This bear was a special gift from my Mum in 1969 for my 7th B-day:)
Genuine lamb skin & lamb fur so soft, warm & cuddly:) I never thought of his baby bear noises as a growl before now, haha:))
If it is indeed the same bear, he is fully jointed and the nose stitched, eyes maybe plastic.
So many years ago and significances many! I'll have to share stories with my Grandchildren! I've no room to here of course, but Thank You for reminding me of things I've not thought of in such a long while:)
I'll have to let him out of the trunk I've kept him in since having kids of my own. The one thing I coveted:)))
He's still in Very Good Condition! Was purchased at gift shop, Buellton, Ca Pea Soup Anderson's
The same year the Train & Zoo w/big, wonderful, friendly Brown Bear & the rest of the animals were turned into a Hotel:( Mum worked across the street.
So many memories :)
xx Peace xx

Mar 16, 2016
by: Donna

Hi I had the same bear (that I imaginatively called 'Furry-Face" lol), I'm 52 now + got him for Xmas when I was 6 yrs old.
He was bought from 'Kendals' toy department.Kendals is part of the 'House of Fraser' group. It was,+ still is, the biggest + best department store in Manchester city centre (like Harrods in London). I'm sure your bear came from there. I remember my mum telling me to look after my bear as he was expensive (I think he's German).
Maybe it's worth contacting Kendals, their address is 98-116 Deansgate
M60 3AU
Phone 0844 800 3744
By the way Wikipedia has a page on Kendals
Sorry couldn't tell you more about the bear. Good luck.

Feb 19, 2016
by: Vanessa

Hi there, I have a puppet with exactly the same face made by gund! I've never seen one like yours.. it's really cool!

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