Gruter Bear

by Abi
(Lincolnshire, UK)

Gruter bear

Gruter bear

Gruter bear came from Berlin in 1948 and travelled to the UK. He was given to a family friend bu her uncle and we don't know how long before 1948 it had been made. He was given to my family in 1963 in the condition in the picture. Our family friend can not remember the bear having fur as she thinks he was already quite old.

The bear is stuffed with an off white filling that looks like very fine straw and is scrunchy when you dare squeeze him. He only has one amber glass eye remaining. And one whole on his shoulder where you can see his stuffing. He is approximately 1 meter in length from his ear to his feet and quite heavy. He has no fur but his skin is yellow with red patches where his nose, hand and feet pads would have been.

We haven't got any photographs of him in any condition other than his state now. We would love to know his age, his orgin which we believe is Berlin/german, and what he would have looked like with his fur and nose and eyes in his original form.

I have attached a picture I have taken this week. Thank you for your time.

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