Gund Boo Crew 6202

by Jason Self
(Seattle WA USA)

The Group

The Group

The Group
A picture of an ear tag
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I'm trying to locate a bear. It was made by Gund as part of a collection, called the Boo Crew. I originally received the frankenstein-looking bear as a gift from a hospital's gift shop. I thought it was cute and named him Frankenbear. In time I was able to find the bat but I've never been able to find the devil one. I'm not even sure if they have individual names, as the only thing I've ever seen on the ear tag is "My name is Boo Crew" which seems to refer to the group? Along with a number: 6202. Has anyone seen this elusive bear? Being that I’ve never actually seen the bear in person I can't provide much detail about it beyond the pictures I have seen and the information on the tag.

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