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I know my GUND items are not teddy bears, but they are very interesting creatures and I will take any help I can get. I purchased these two interesting creatures at a thrift store in New Jersey a few months back and have not been able to find any information on them. I have searched to the end of the earth on the internet, asked community boards on ebay and even checked some GUND identification books. One of them does have a tag that reads "Itches GUND 1980 Printed in Taiwan" on the front and " To preserve the fine quality and appearance of this toy, we suggest surface washing and line drying." on the back. The tush tag reads All new material contents polyurethane and plastic pellets made in Taiwan GUND INC. Edison NJ 08817 Licensed No. PA. 3" on one side and "GUND copyright 1980 all property rights reserved" on the other side. They have light brown cloth bodies and plastic hands and feet. They also measure approximately 10 inches long lying flat. I know they do have a tag, but these creatures are almost a Frankenstein like creation. I have contacted the identification help email that the GUND website supplies, but have gotten no response. Do you think that these creatures are maybe from outside the country? I can imagine GUND making such a horrific looking animal. The plastic eyes are sideways, it has a dog like face and a gorilla like body. The floppy ears are attached to the side of the face. The black nose is made of a hard plastic material. The arms measure approximately 4 inches long and the legs measure approximately 3 inches long. The plastic doll like hands and feet are even stranger. The hands do not point in the right direction. The legs are filled with bean like pellets and there is not much of a body. If you cannot help me, maybe you could point me in the direction of someone who could? I just cant see these things sitting on the shelves of a toy store in 1980, they are just bizarre.

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