GUND elephant.

by Jennifer Renshaw
(Lewiston, Idaho )

I have a Gund dark grey/brown elephant. Sitting elephant? As it has no tail. No tusks either. Black gund tag on chest as well as yellow rope around neck. Tag on back side reads Classic Collectors limited edition. Edison, NJ 08717. Also has number 2287. Co.1979 GUND Inc. Bottom of feet are dark grey and soft as well as around the eyes and trunk is same material. Tag is missing from year..only clear plastic piece remains. The remaining hair is course feeling to the touch. Elephant is a plush. It has blak hard plastic eyes. Yellow rope is attached at the neck on both sides and hangs down the front about five inches. I know there bear has to be at least 30 years old as it originally belonged to a friend when he was a child. Elephant is approximately 24 inches long and when sitting it is about 16 inches tall.

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