Hallmark Bear with Black & Yellow striped shirt

by Jaymee
(Grand Junction, Colorado, United States)

Ted Up a Tree

Ted Up a Tree

I would dearly like to know how rare my teddy bear is and if he is valuable. To me he is priceless, of course, because I have had him for so very long, but wonder if he is would be worth something to a collector. I have found no other teddy on-line that looks any where close to what he looks like. I found and bought this Teddy Bear while wondering around a two story strip mall on the East side of Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. He was just so cute that I could not resist taking him home with me. He was in a Hallmark greeting card and gift store that was in the mall. I know that it was within the first three months of the year 1978 when I got him, but I am not sure if it was January, February or March. I think it was mid February and I am extremely sure that it was sometime before the 15th of March. There is no longer any kind of identification on him. No tags of any kind to indicate what company made him (although since he was bought at a Hallmark store, I take for granted they were the makers) or when he was made. I do not remember how much I paid for him either. He has a long sleeved black and yellow striped shirt that is a part of him. The shirt is sewn on like a part of his

body and not removable. He stands approximately 14 inches tall and is a light, slightly reddish brown with a cream colored muzzle. The insides of his ears and the ends of his feet are also cream colored but his hands are the same color as his head and legs. The ears are not symetrical. One is a bit larger and wider than the other and to some degree further down on his head. He has plastic eyes that are not the same, either. One eye has a pupil that is a little bit larger than the other. He has a small pom-pom style nose that is glued down and his tiny tongue is a somewhat visible piece of red felt that is also glued on. One foot, too, is made different from the other. It is a bit bigger and more curved like a foot and ankle. The other is just sort of straight down. He is still in excellent condition (as you can see by the photos) for a forty two year old stuffed teddy bear toy! I love him to pieces and take him out on ‘adventures’ so I can photograph him in different situations and with statues, park and playground equipment, natural settings and backgrounds, as well as in different costumes and clothing items indoors. He is smaller than the average cloths that are available for teddy bears these days, but I have gotten some and made alterations so the they look okay.

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