Hams Bear

by Traci B
(Alexandria, La)

boy with teddy bear

boy with teddy bear

My husband passed down his childhood bear to our son who has been attached to the bear since he was just 2 months old. The bear is so loved that we fear it won’t survive another wash. We are looking to identify the bear and hope to purchase another. He is a sitting or standing bear that is copyrighted in 1995 and is from toys r us according to the partial tag that is left. We have researched for years in shops and online; and still have yet to see even a look-a-like. The fur is semi matted, medium brown with black strands consistently throughout. Stubby limbs that are not jointed and are rounded and lighter brown for the bottom of the paws. The parts are round and flat with no detail printed or threaded. Nose was fabric, small ears, beak was the lighter brown like the paws with the mouth embroidered in black. His twin brother had the same exact bear except that his was Black and Tan instead of brown and tan.

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