Handmade Teddy Bear Straw-filled and wearing Official Lee Overalls

by Carol Polter
(Stockton MO USA)

Front view of Teddy Bear

Front view of Teddy Bear

I purchased this teddy bear at a thrift store so I have no history on it. It is about 11 inches long and the head is the widest part at about 3 1/2 inches wide.

The bear is crudely handmade with thick thread. The head, arms and legs are jointed. The material is rough to the touch, most likely due to its age.
The bear is missing its right ear. It's eyes are glass, I think.

You can see by the wearing away from the material that the bear is filled with straw.

On the back of the bear there is what appears to be mildew; maybe from getting wet while laying on its back.

The teddy bear was wearing a pair of Lee Overalls that seem to be a perfect fit for the bear. You can see the bear has worn these for many years. The shape of the bear and its lopsided shape is the same shape on the overalls now.
One interesting thing I found is that there is something in the the teddies belly. Like a coin or something round. When you push on it it gives a bit since it is straw filled.

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