Handsome Teddy Bear

by Chris Granger

Ted still looking over me

Ted still looking over me


I recently found my dear old Ted hibernating in an old family blanket box and was delighted to know he was alive and well and not gone to teddy heaven many years ago as I had previously thought.

Then I began to wonder how old the chap really was and whether he was now worth any real monetary value.
Can anybody help in identifying him and how old he is ?

Ted became my best pal back in the early sixties but his previous owners (if any) are unknown.

He has no tags but used to have a gismo in his chest that made a groaning / cute roaring sound when rocked (small curious boy + penknife = gismo removed) Mum, after scoulding said young boy performed amazing surgery and closed the subsequent wound. His fur does feel synthetic and his eyes feel plastic as opposed to glass. His arms, legs and head all move.

Please be aware his monetary value is totally irrelavent to me as even now in my fifties he is personally priceless and will eventually become the best pal to my first grand child.

Please see the attached photo's, many thanks if you can help.

Chris Granger.

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Aug 16, 2015
by: Maureen

If he has a stitched on felt nose he is a pedigree

Jun 17, 2015
UK bear
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,
Your bear's ? brown velvet paws make me believe he could be a Pedigree 'Simon' bear. Made in England in about the 1950s. Check out bears in your local library. Pedigree also made dolls and is a famous company.


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