Happy Mr Bear

by eduardo
(ciudad ojeda, venezuela)

Happy Mr Bear

Happy Mr Bear

hi! i am from Venezuela and collect vintage toys and i have some bears, i really like their look and i think they are just beautiful. i have managed to identify the bears i have but i just found one that i think is the most beutiful thing ever! i really like cartoonish vintage bears and this one is all that ;) . i have looked everywhere but can't find a bear that looks like the one i found, he is not jointed, his fur is mohair, has big glass eyes and is stuffed with wood chips, the way he is constructed is for standing only and he does stand, he has a wonderful smile and i can tell he had a hat (not anymore) . he has felt pants and suspenders, the pants are not removable and i could see that there is no fur under them, just plain fabric. he is tall, around 23 inches, also, he has a collar and a ribbon tie that has the colors of the american flag, his nose feels like half of a ball that was wrapped in velvet and has nostrils, the inside of his mouth and ears is made of pink felt, his tongue is red and also made of felt. he is very sturdy, as i said, he can stand by himself and does so wonderfully

he has cardboard liners in his feet and 1 division in each hand made with thread in order to ressemble thumbs, his ears, tail and snout are wired and he sort of has a human shaped head, i really want to know who he is, I don't care about his monetary value, i just want to identify him, i am so happy he is in my collection now! thanks in advance for your help, what a wonderful job you guys do! i restore vintage toys here in venezuela and i have restored many bears for others :)

i already looked all around him for a tag, button, mark etc and did not find anything

i really don't know if i have written more than 400 words but i really ran out of things to describe, i hope it is ok

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