Harley Davidson bear

by Neena Tester
(Kellyville NSW AUSTRALIA )

Harley Davidson bear

Harley Davidson bear

Hi- I have acquired a bear that has the words Harley Davidson all over him. His legs all move independently - He does have a few tears on him - one on his back , one on his ear and he has had his neck restocked prior to me finding him.

I found him in an antique shop and my Interest in him is because my teenage daughters are in love with all things Vintage Harley Davidson. Hence it was a particularly lucky find from my point of view as he was rather cheap and tossed in a corner of the store as they must now realise how teenage girls have become obsessed with these vintage products .

Anyhow I quite like him and wondered if he had more value then just sentimental. Would appreciate any feed back very much

His eyes are glass and nose stitched - very soft to squeeze,

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