Harrods 9 inch (seated) Christmas Bear - Made by Merrythought

Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear

a few years ago we won a little Harrods Christmas bear and I have tried in vain to find out a little bit more about it but to no avail.

The bear itself is brown and apporx 9 inches in height seated. It has Harrods 1997 embroidered on its left foot and Oliver Holmes signature and a date of 23/08/37 on its right foot.

Upon examining the labels on the rear of the teddy it states that it was an Edition limited by Merrythought and was number 49 of 500.

The bear is in excellent condition and has 2 of its original labels still attached.

It is not jointed and its little red bow it attached via a popper.

I know that Harrods release a new Christmas bear every year but I just cannot find any information on line regarding the 9 inch bears and ones made by Merrythought for Harrods.

Any information woudl be greatly recieved.

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