Has anyone seen a Boyds Collectibles tag misprint saying Bodys Collectibles?

by Mary
(El Cajon, California)

Boyds Collectibles

Boyds Collectibles

I just purchased a box of dolls at an auction. In the box was a limited edition Boyds Bears doll named Lucinda. She was holding her teddy bear named Gilligan. He is a small bear, measuring just 7" in height. He was only sold as Lucinda's companion, never as a separate, stand alone issue.

I removed the clothing from both, so that I could launder them, and saw that Gilligan's seam tag reads "Bodys Collection, LTD,2000 copyright, Gettysburg, Pa. 17325" The "yd" in Boyds had been transposed to "dy". I'm hoping to hear if anyone else has seen a Boyds tag misprinted in this way. Lucinda still has her hang tag, and both her hand tag and seam tag or correctly printed.
Lucinda and Gilligan were a limited edition of 12,000 issued in 2000. Originally, Lucinda had a hat that matched Gilligan's, but it was missing when I purchased these two. She also had a bucket, to collect shells, but it too is missing. Gilligan still holds the starfish that he originally had.
I know Beanie Babies carry a greater value if they have a misprint on the tag. I haven't heard of this happening with Boyd's Bears, but I would like some verification that that's the case. So far, I have not been able to find a Boyd's Bears website or online forum.
The first photo I'm attaching is a closeups of the tag. The second photo is of little Gilligan on his own, while the last two photos are photos with Lucinda.
Anyway, I hope someone will be kind enough to respond and let me know, either yes they have seen this before, or no they have not. The seam tag can only be seen when a bear's clothing is removed, so maybe this is a common, but undetected, misprint.
Hope to hear from you and thank you!

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Dec 21, 2021
Reply to Lorriegirl
by: Mary

Hi, I had this for sale for over 6 months on EBAY. Kept reducing the price, but absolutely no interest. I finally donated to a charity. So, I don't think there is any value placed on the misprint.

Dec 21, 2021
I have the Boyd's misprint tag too
by: lorriegirl

The tag on my bear says Bodys too, although the lable on the skein of embroidery floss my bear is holding says Boyd's. My bear is about the same size, with moveable arms and legs. He is wearing a plaid scarf.

Bought him with a bag of toys from early 2000's. Wondering the same as you - is he worth something because of misprint???

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