have no idea where it came from/it's history or background.

Hope this is helps.

Hope this is helps.

My older neighbor passed away. She collected things like beanie babies (which were given to me) and in the mix was a pretty heavy small bear. There are multiple factors which I think could make it rare/valuable. First, this bear is stuffed with beads. It is suprisingly heavy considering its size. Second, All the limbs can move, including the head. When the bear is in a sitting position, the arms are able to reach the feet. Third, it has pads on his "hands" and "feet". They feel fairly velvety. Fourth, the nose is stitched on. The stiching goes up and down. Fifth, The eyes are small. I can;t tell wether they are glass or plastic, I am assuming glass? No color, just black. Last few things to note is that it is roughly 4 inches tall, and there are no tags/no signs that there was ever a tag. I tried to make this as descriptive as possible. I have been looking for a while to try and figure out what this bear is, but I have not been able to find anything. Please comment if you have any idea as to where this bear could have come from like it's value or brand, or maybe even if you have an idea as to when it was made. Thanks, and good luck!!!!!

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