Heirloom Bears

by Paul

2 bears

2 bears

when clearing out a family house I found 2 bears, one of which has a handwritten note saying he was 'born' in about 1929 and has been passed down through the family. The trouble is I don't know which of the 2 the note refers to. (I suspect the other one is from the 1950s.) The smaller bear is approximately 35cm long; it has fully articulating arms and legs. The eyes are missing. The ears are relatively large and are hemispherical in shape. It looks as though it may have been more plush originally. The filling is hard with a bit of a crunch. The larger bear is 60cm long. Arms and legs fully articulated; stuffing is hard and crunchy. The one remaining eye is glass in orange and brown. The ears are 'fan shaped' with a definite indent simulating an ear hole. While faded on the front, the original colour appears to be a deep rich yellow-orange-brown.

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