Help! Blue and white Bear

by Julie

I received this bear at 9 months old in 1982. Originally, it was a gift from my uncle to my grandmother for her birthday, but baby me loved it so much, I was chosen to be its guardian.

I do know that this bear came from a Maryland store, and once had a scarf. The original coloring is sky blue body with white inner ears, snout, and circles at the end of his legs to signify feet. As you can see from the picture, I loved it so much that it's thread bare in places, but don't let that white fool you. It was once blue.

Bear had warm, brown eyes, and a plastic black nose with two distinct circular nostrils.

My step mother was a very spiteful woman and threw my Bear away when I was a child and I haven't seen him in 30 years. I am desperate to find this bear again. Please, please help me.

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