Help find chopsy

by Minesh Parekh
(Birmingham, UK)

The bear on the left - I’ve had this bear since I was a kid. I first received the bear in 1996. I remember the label saying made in China. The ears were originally brown but they got ripped off in childhood. The bear has a white bells and the rest is brown. Originally the bear had freckles. Three big black ones on each side of the face. There was also a big sunflower in the middle that was stitched to both hands. There were 3/4 lines on the feet to separate each foot to have toes. The base of the feet also had brown felt pads. All again removed due to the excessive time that was spent with the bear. The bear is stuffed with yellow and orange sponges. Please try and help me find where this bear came from as I’d like to get another one for my child. It means a lot to me. Appreciate any help! Much love!

PS I’ve put a jumper over the other bear as it’s literally falling apart. The bear never had any clothes to begin with or the hat. The other bear on the right is also one is like to find. He has a white fluff stuffing and fluffy brown hair as you can see. Again I got this bear in the early 90s from England.

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