Help find my childhood bear

by Cathryn

Hi, ive searched everywhere for this bear I have no idea what the brand of the bear is, all I remember is the logo was something beginning with T, as I named my bear Tom from that. As the logo looked like it spelt out the name Tom, however I can’t find any brands with that name. I remember there being a singular tag, sewn into his bottom, the tag was cream coloured and writing on the logo was blue. I got the bear in or around 2006 from my Gran, in the Uk. Unfortunately I have no photos of the bear. The bear was accidentally given away in a charity donation and I couldn’t chase it up.

The bear is dark brown colour, he had black eyes, and a had like a hard plastic nose, He was all one colour no patches or anything. And Soft, his feet, legs and and arms were filled with pellets and then the rest of his body was with stuffing. And I remember him being of the pot belly kind. As looking at Google photos he looks more like a pot belly than the normal bears.

I’ve attached a photo of a bear that I’ve found which is closest to the bear which I had. In the hopes it helps someone to try and help me identify it, I’m hoping to find a replacement. And unfortunately to no avail at this moment. When I got the bear it had no ear tags or any adornments.

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Dec 04, 2022
Gund bear
by: Anonymous

I have this bear in 2 sizes. I is like the size of a toddler and the other is more handheld for loving. It’s a Gund that I got at FAO Swartz when they were still around.

Mar 23, 2022
by: Kristý

He is a GUND Clancy Teddy Bear

Dec 06, 2021
by: Dodger the bear

He looks very much like a Fund bear to me.

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