Help ID childhood teddy!

by Jacq
(Washington DC)

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Hello! I’ve had this teddy bear in my possession since early 2000s. He has travelled the world with me including France, England, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. He has been a faithful travel companion and I absolutely adore him. He has gone through the happiest moments of my life as well as the hardest. My family cannot believe that I still have him in my possession. He was given to me as a birthday gift from my babysitter at the time. When I was younger I was not very creative and thought the name “Teddy” would be the perfect fit for him. I have not once thought of changing it. I have been trying to identify where it could have been purchased. He is still in wonderful condition for the his age but each time I give him a wash I hold my breath hoping he makes it out in one piece :)

He has short light beige color fur and a yellow/purple iridescent ribbon around his neck. His eyes are dark brown plastic and he smiles. His nose is made of a darker material and has visible brown threads covering it. His hands and feet are all rounded. I do not believe that he had long fur but over the years he has been washed many times. There are no visible marking or logos on the bear. When I was younger I ripped the tag off his butt.

I have looked long and hard trying to find a picture of another bear that resembles Teddy but to no avail. I grew up in the DMV area but have no idea what store my babysitter could have bought it from. We have all the usual department stores as well as smaller independently owned shops. Teddy has brought me so much joy throughout my life and I can not bear the idea of something bad happening to him. I would love to pass a similar bear to my kids and giving them their own version of Teddy would make me incredibly happy. I have had numerous teddy bears in my life but none have been able to come close to how my Teddy means to me. He has been a part of my life that cannot be replaced.

Please help ID him! Anything direction would be amazing!! I am so glad that I found this group as it gives me hope in identifying my Teddy. I really hope someone will be able to recognize him! I have seen some of you guys work your magic and I have high hopes! Thank you all for your help!

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