Help ID this poor bear

by Rebecca

Front view

Front view

According to my parents, they obtained this teddy bear from a yard sale in 1991 when I was 6 months old. He has been with me ever since, even getting an x-ray when I broke my ankle. <33

It has been a goal of mine since as long as I can remember to figure out where Teddy, my baby blanket, and a beanie rabbit come from. I only have Teddy to identify now!

As seen above, he is mostly a brown bear with a white muzzle and belly, while his ears and feet are orange. The fabric used for thee accidents feels different than what his body is made of, though I wouldn't be able to tell you what either are made from. Not included is an image from under his muzzle where he has a little red bit of felt that might have been a mouth or tongue at one point. His nose is a hard plastic as are his eyes.

There isn't much else to say about Teddy. Even another photo of a bear similar to him would send me over the moon--to know that there is another Teddy out there in the world. But finding out his brand is the goal.

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