Help Identifying bear bought for my birthday 23 years ago

by Thomas

23 year old teddy bear

23 year old teddy bear

It’s kind of a white bear, with a red scarf with white polka dots.
It’s made by Gund, although I’m not sure of the year. I know it was bought for me in December 1996 so it’s not newer than that. I believe it was bought at The Bay in British Columbia, Canada.

The tag is attack at the back of the bear, just below the small tail (a bump)
Front of the tag reads:

Surface washable Wild suds-cold
Water-air dry-brush gently
Surface Lavable
Chiffon Doux-Eau Froide
Secher A L’air.

Back of the tag reads:
Distributed by
Distribue par
Enterprises LTD.
Made in China 64

It’s about 27cm tall, eyes are shiny.
The nose was originally brown I think, but damage over time has turned in black now.
The body is quit soft and squishy, but right at the hips you can feel something harder.

A few more pictures are here:

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