Help identifying large Carousel by Guy Bear 80'`s

by Kevin

Carolsel by guy label

Carolsel by guy label

Carolsel by guy label
Teddy bear face
Teddy bear sitting in the corner
teddy bear paw


I am writing regarding a large stuffed bear I got for my wife on our 10th anniversary over 20 years ago. It is unlike any stuffed animal I had ever seen and over the years ever seen again. I have yet to find someone who can help identify it or point me to who or where I could get answers when they could not provide any.

I am hoping you can help. I would have provided pictures but my email seems a bit of a problem at the moment for attachments. I am sure it will resolve shortly. I at least wanted to make inertial contact with you so I sent this email.

The bear looks like an actual brown bear like a Kodiak He is in a sitting position like a big furry old man with a big belly in a lounge chair. His body is very large (his height is than our 7 year old grand son) and features life life. His head has incredible life like eyes, nose and mouth that can open. His paws all have life like paw pads. His fur is very life like in color and quality of make.The only identifying mark or tag on him is a tag that Carousel by Guy.

I have google Carousel by guy and tried to researched Carousel and guy and both in same search parameter with out success. Every thing I have seen is smaller regular size bears? The tag is exactly as I described. I am hoping you can help. His condition is very rough now. Maybe, maybe to late.

I hope not and a miracle worker s out there. I also if identified know where I can locate another one or other animals produce like him by the maker. I look forward to hearing from you and I will get those pictures to you.

Kevin O


I have found that CAROUSEL BY GUY is a trademark by Animal Fair, Inc. in MINNEAPOLIS. It looks like they made all sorts of items including clothes too.

Unfortunately teddy bears made within the last 30 years are much harder to identify as they were ofen made by either companies that were here today and gone tomorrow or were made by huge companies who churned out products in their thousands.

In yours bears case it would well be that it was a limited edition and so not many were made. I don't know if animal fair still exist. If they do they may be able to help your further.

Sorry I was not able to be of more assistance.


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May 09, 2017
Large Bear
by: Manhattan Toy Company

Hello - Thought we would comment here to help you all out. Yes Carousel by Guy and Animal Fair are both now Manhattan Toy Company. You can find this large Kodiak bear at . It's the same bear found in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores. They call him Truffles. :)

Oct 06, 2016
carousel bear
by: Edwina

i have the same bear bought it at a toy store in claremont,calif, in the 1980's. he rode home with me on the back of a motorcycle. the bear has a Name THORNDYKE BY CAROUSEL.

Jun 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

Your Carousel bear by Guy.

Hello. I also have this bear and a little brother bear exactly the same. I called the larger one Ted and gave him to my girlfriend in Ted's bar, San Anselmo, California. She gave it back in case her husband got suspicious. Now he sits in my front room in my house in England.
I bought Ted in San Rafael and his little brother (sister) at the San Francisco Zoo shop. I think that there was a middle-size one too.

No idea what they are worth.

Apr 21, 2016
Carousel by Guy Bear
by: Anonymous

I have a large oversized stuffed bear that my father bought for me back in 1990. I wanted to try and get more information about it and was hoping someone at Manhattan Toy Company may be able to help. The bear was made by Carousel by Guy. The tag around the bears neck says Classic Carousel. His tag has the following information MA# 19, PA# 113, OH# 4026, ME# 16, P.O.#79035 item # 2510A. My father bought the bear at Monmouth Mall in NJ for $500.

I reached out to Manhattan Toy and they said they did not own Carousel by Guy in 1990. They bought them out in aprox 1991/1992. They said In the past there were only a couple hundred of the large bears made per year so they are EXTREMEMLY rare.

They did not have any other information about the bear. If anyone has more information please let me know.

Jul 10, 2015
That's MY Bear!
by: Shelli L.

This is my second posting as I neglected to leave my contact info last time. I have this bear purchased in 1986 for approx $150. His name is Thorndike and he has a leather nose and is a bit darker than the one shown. His tag reads "Carousel". I would like to know if he is worth anything in the Teddy Bear market and am interested in selling him. Thank you for any info.

Jan 15, 2015
Carousel was sold to Manhattan Toy
by: Anonymous

This site might help everyone, I think Carousel was bought out by Manhattan Toy in the late 80's or early 90's. You can check out the Manhattan Toy website under soft toys to see if it's the bear you are looking for.

Good Luck

Sep 12, 2014

hi kevin- i have the same bear,sitting in my living room right now. just dug it out of storage, wanting to sell it. was my daughters,like 20 years ago, she got it as a gift from boy friend in baltimore. i. can not find out anything either. mine is like perfect condition. molly,minnesota

Aug 29, 2014
Touching base
by: Kevin (bear owner)


I wanted to let you know that all of you help and comments are greatly appreciated. I should be up loading a close up of the backside of the label soon.

Thanks again.

Aug 26, 2014
I know this bear
by: William O

Hi, I have a 48 inch high bear by Carousel. Very detailed and lifelike as the original poster described.

Animal fair Inc dba Carousel by Guy was a company in Eden Valley, Minnesota. They produced in Minnesota and overseas in Taiwan and korea.

The tag will state "crafted with pride in USA" if it is one of the special editions they made here. Mine is a made in USA and is even more detailed and lifelike than the one in question here. Particularly a more realistic face.

I have pictures if there is somewhere to put them and you can reach me at

William O

Jul 01, 2014
Further informtion on bear coming
by: Site poster

I and others (experts) researching further based information on back of label. Updates to come.

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