Help identifying musical teddy bear

by Mike stacey
(Taylor mill Ky)

musical teddy bear

musical teddy bear

Was trying to do some research into what this bear might be. Name/maker anything would be greatly appreciated. This was my wife’s teddy when she was a child (and I have been told that it belonged to uncle before that, she is now 28) we have since passed it down to our first born and she loves the thing to death. The musical box inside still works perfectly as well! He doesn’t have much left in the stuffing department in his face, there is a nose and mouth there just heavily compressed. The wife has always wondered what her “Bear bear” looked loudly have looked like brand new. And now we have our daughter probing and asking the same. Figured I would take a shot it the dark to the far reaches of the internet and ask for some help. I’ve tried searching “cuddle wit” and even typing the Reg No. verbatim with little to luck. Hopefully someone know something out there and could lend some information! Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to read and listen!

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