Help identifying my 90s Gund bear?

by Natty
(United Kingdom)

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help in finding out the identity of this bear!
I think it's meant to be a grizzly (or perhaps brown?) bear – designed in a much more realistic style than most of the Gund bears I see online.

It was given to me new when I was a kid in the 1990s (or possibly very early 00s, but pretty sure it was 90s) and was new when I got it. The only label on it says "Classic Gund" with some of the text being embroidered in gold thread.

I've attached a few photos here to help with identification – please let me know if you need any more. It's a fairly big bear, measuring sixteen inches, so it was a little awkward getting a good angle for the pictures.

Also, it's quite a soft and squishy bear compared to some Gund ones – no stiff or rigid bits anywhere.

Thanks for your help!


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