Help me find my childhood bear!

by Abby Fritz
(Fernley, NV USA)

childhood bear

childhood bear

I was given this bear Christmas 1995. I remember he had big feet and dark brown fur. I named him Billy Brown Bear. His fur wasn’t soft but more wiry. I remember him having a green and red bow around his neck. I believe in his feet he had beads or something of the sort because his feet were heavy. He was a skinnier bear and his arms and legs were long. And he had a pointy face. He had lighter brown feet pads. The only picture I have of him was taken in the early 2000s and he no longer has his bow. I would really love to find him because he was taken from me sometime 2006-2007 when we moved out of my childhood home. I now have kids of my own and would love to have something to give to them from my childhood.

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