Help Me ID My Yellow Teddy Bear

by Jen
(Owings, Maryland, USA)

yellow teddy bear side view

yellow teddy bear side view

The bear is about twelve to fourteen inches tall and about five to six inches wide. Had a dark hard nose brown or black nose with hard plastic black eyes which are about an inch and half. He is a stiff bear meaning his arms and legs are not free moving. He was purchased in 1987 from Hospital of Southern Maryland as a present for my Mother when I was born. He was purchased by a woman who was born in 1918, I imagine she did not spend a lot of money on it. Sadly my Mother has dementia and no longer speaks but the bear means the world to her! The bear is two tone a lighter brown on his arms, ears nose and bottom of his feet on the front of him and a darker brown every where else. The bear did not come with any clothing on him.I do not think the bear had a ribbon on him either. From what I can remember the tag was white and smooth with a gold label and the tag was on his back side. The bear is not flat and appears to be sitting some what up. The seams on the bear are going from the top between his ears and appears to be going all around him. His upper arms are 3 inches long and his legs are six and half inches starting from where his hip would be. Body of the bear is about nine inches with the head measuring six and half by seven. His lower lip sticks out he does not appear to have an upper lip. The inside of the bear is just one layer and has been unstuffed and washed. Might have been a cotton or polyester blend. The original stuffing had yellowed with time I think. I do not think the bear had a ribbon on him either. I hope someone can help me find information about this bear. It would mean to world to my Mother and myself.

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