Help me identify info on this teddy?

by Zeb
(Arlington, Tx)

This bear is an amazing piece of history I was able to find in a warehouse dig of an estate sale owner who landed 3 massive private warehouse digs from a family whose father passed away but ran estate sales from the 70's - 90's. The amount of Vintage things I was able to get from the 1700's to early 1900's was truly amazing.

So that explains the only history I know of this teddy bear who looks like he has lived with a life full of journeys and has tons of character. It appears it is made of Excelsior and Mohair. You can see from the pads missing on his hands and feet. Also it you can see the distinct vintage stitching. The eyes come out and are on a long wire that stick back in. It looks like their may of been a Steiff tag on the ear with pieces of yarn/stitching sticking out longer than the hair. The nose is yarn / sewn on black stitching. The arms and legs are jointed but the head is not. It is 12 inches tall

Any information would be amazing to know. Thanks

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