Help me identify my dear teddy bear friend.

by Rose Baker

Jenkins Front

Jenkins Front

I have posted about Jenkins on here once before but I will do it one more time as I am still looking for a replacement for him. I am a 19 year old woman with autism and I also have a severe panic and anxiety problem. I cannot sleep at night without my teddy bear. This little guy was given to me 7 years ago from my Great Grandmother who has since passed away. She had gotten Jenkins from a thrift store and did not have tags when he was brought to me.

This is Jenkins, he is a white bear and he has artificial plush fur. Jenkins has an ovular muzzle and has no mouth stitched/sewn onto the muzzle. He has a bright red nose made of thread. He has shaggy and short fur on his body that somewhat goes into his eyes. The eye's itself are dark brown and made of hard plastic, his right eye has melted slightly after an accidental trip in the dryer. He Has short and stubby arms and legs with fur cracking around his paws from age.

He also has a deep red velvet bowtie and on that bowtie in cursive used to be the phrase "I love you". Jenkins also has a short stubby tail that does not have any stuffing in it. Though there is a possibility the stuffing from his tail has somehow entered his body after being hugged so many times.

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Oct 23, 2018
by: Deb

Hi, to me your bear has the look of a Gund Karitas?

May 15, 2018
Jenkin's Measurements
by: Rose Baker

Hello there, thank you for responding! I went out and purchased a tape measure so hopefully this will do. If not I greatly apologize.

Jenkin's Head: 5 and 1/2 inches vertical; And 5 and 1/2 inches across.

Jenkin's Body: 6 inches vertical; and 6 (almost 6 and 1/2) inches across.

Jenkin's Bowtie: 3 and 1/2 inches across.

Left & Right Paws: 2 and 1/2 inches vertical; and 3 inches across.

Left & Right Legs: 5 inches vertical; 3 inches across.

Tail: 2 inches verticle; 2 inches across.

Hope this helps!

May 15, 2018
How big?
by: Anonymous

Please could you give some idea of Jenkins size‚ÄĒidentification is difficult, but knowing how big he is cuts down on the search a little bit.

Good luck!

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