Help Me Identify These Two Old teddy Bears

by Bryan
(Salem, OR)

Two old teddy bears

Two old teddy bears

I was renovating a house in Salem, Oregon from a month ago when we acquired this property. The owner passed away at 85 and the family lost the home. This house was a complete hoarder home as every single room was full of stuff except for one of them. In that room was where I stumbled upon an old chest. Everything in the chest is dated between 1865 and 1923, from various books, of Lyman's Historical Charts from 1874 to Sander's New Speller, which doesn't limit it to also finding newspaper articles from 1911, 1923, a graduation gown, report cards and family photos. Eventually I found these two bears that were wrapped up.

I didn't initially find the 2nd bear until I went back through a 2nd time to see if I could find any paperwork or pictures to get an idea of the first bear found. There was none. The bear on the right is slightly thicker and taller than the one on the left.

So from these two bears, neither of them have any identifying marks or labels. Both of them have wood wool for filling as there were a few small rips in the feet. The noses are both hand-sewed brown thread. Neither of them have claws, whether or not they originally had them I don't know of, but none that I have seen.

I believe they might have come a certain way or they had mohair, they are just too old to tell of their age. The bear on the left is slightly darker than the one on the right

The bear on the left, has one of the eyes that is slightly broken, but I havent read enough to determine what kind of eyes there might be.

I also don't know if whether or not that it has growler, knowing that these bears are old, I try not to handle them too much to make sure that it preserves their value.

If anyone knows of what kind of bears these are, or the era it might be from, please let me know. I didn't have any particular plans of whether to sell them or keeping them since I acquired them rather than grew up with them. So no sentimental value. I'm just wanting to figure out about them so I can make a decision on the proper information so that I can determine what to do with them.

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