Help me identify this teddy bear i got in the 1980s

by daniel tanaka
(toronto, ontario, canada)

1980s teddy bear

1980s teddy bear

1980s teddy bear
back view of teddy bear

Hello, to all. I would appreciate your assistance in identifying or shedding any kind of light

on my teddy bear.
I have had this bear since i can remember. I believe it was given to me as a gift when I was born or shortly after which would be in the early 1980s. the label has been cut, i think it was me as i have a fleeting memory of doing it. very little can be made out of this piece remaining piece of tag, i have attached a picture of it.
the four limbs can rotate as well as the neck. the eyes are brown (with a black center) and are plastic. the nose is plastic with some felt on it. it is in very good condition.
i was born in lima peru.
the arms have two stich "fingers" in black and the feet have three black stiches.
the underside of the arm and feet are made out of a felt like materiawhiel the bears rest
of the body is made out of a furry material, barely resembling a plushy towel or soft carpet.
pleaes help me identify it!

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