Help to Identify a Berenguer bear please

I hope my bear is ok to be posted here. It isn't exactly vintage, but I can't find any information on it other than it's tag saying it was made in Spain by "dolls by Berenguer" for JC toys. The picture used is borrowed from an ebay listing with no details about it, but it IS the same one I have, just with a different outfit and no ear ribbon.

I bought two of them maybe around late 90s/early 2000s from Toys R Us, one is smiling like pictured and came in a blue and white flowered onesie. The other isn't smiling and came in overalls with a red shirt. My cousin has one with a third expression, smiling and licking its mouth; in the same onesie as mine. They have weighted plush bodies and hollow rubber/soft plastic heads and limbs.

I'm wondering what other bears there were, and how much they're worth. Every time I search Berenguer with any tag information, I only get baby dolls. No info whatsoever about them ever making any bears.

Any help is appreciated! Hopefully I'm not breaking some sort of rule.

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