Help! White 80s bear seated small

by Jenn




THANK YOU in advance for your help. I am looking to identify and hopefully find a photograph of my teddy for proper repairs. I was told my grandma got him for me, probably around 1984-1986 when I was a baby. He started out white, but is very dirty now. Fur is about 1/2" long. Seated, he is 7.5" tall. He has plastic eyes that are black in the center with a ring of brown on the outside. He used to have a nose which I remember as being small and brown flocked, and when it rubbed off it was pink underneath. I loved that! He has a very unique sitting position. His legs are short, maybe 2-2.5", and do not bend - he is always in a sitting position. His arms stick straight out at a 45 degree angle and are about 3" long. His head from chin to top is nearly 5" high. He has lost his fur under his neck where I wore it raw with my thumb. He has a small tail, and the tag is located to the left and underneath of the tail in the right leg seam. He would have been purchased either in PA or UT USA
History - this bear has been through it. We lost him at a hotel once, in the sheets (because he is white) and he went through their laundry. The hotel people were so nice and we got him back. And another time, the bear fell out of the car at my grandparent's and before we noticed it, their dog had taken it and buried it somewhere. I thought he was gone. A couple years later, my sister was digging around a wood pile for snakes and FOUND him! His nose was gone and he was a little dirty but otherwise intact. He has the most ridiculously oval head I've ever seen on a bear and I love his huge forehead. I am hoping to find an original photo so I can see about repairing him and seeing if we can get him restored to a point where his nose isn't hanging out. I still want him to retain the "stuffing distribution" though - he has a very distinct feel to me and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you could help me identify him, I would greatly appreciate it! Also if you could comment on a nose this small with brown flocking but pink underneath, that would be great. Thanks again!

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