Hermann Original Jointed Limited Edition Growler Bear

by Kirsty Hughes
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I purchased this bear second hand, and wanted to try and date him.

He has his original tags, but no year on any of them.

He is about 55cm (about 22”) tall standing, jointed, plastic eyes (?) that are brown with black pupils, stitched nose and mouth, suede paws (brown), feels scrunchy when squeezed. He is jointed, has a working growler, and is wearing a black striped vest with two white buttons and has a red felt bow tie.

The seam tag is red writing on a white tag, on the lower aspect of his left arm. It says “Hermann Teddy Original” on one side, and “Pile: 100% mohair. Backing: 100% cotton. All new material. Made in west Germany”

The red plastic swing tag around his neck says “Hermann Teddy Original”, and there are two paper tags one says “limited edition 1753/2000” and the other says “Hermann Teddy Original”. See photos for more details.

I would love to know more about his history and his story!

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