How old is my bear?

by Katie delaney

small brown bear

small brown bear

Im interested in founding out how old my bear is and how it looked originally as it pretty worn out now. Its a small brown teddy bear holding a red heart. It is 5.5 inches sitting down (its natural form, it doesnt stay stand up) and almost 8 inches standing up. It has two black bead eyes about 1cm big and a dark brown stiched nose on his rounded tightly stuffed nose. It has no trace of stitching for a mouth. It has beads in its hands,feet and stomach the rest is stuffed. It has as a small semi-circle tail about an inch big and two small semi-circle ears of the same size (my bears ears are folded in opposite directions now). The tag is cut off but there is black and green thread at the stub where it used to be on its bottom beside the tail. Its no longer fluffy but from its fur i believe it once was. I have had it for at least 10 years but a family member owned it before me and they dont know how long they owned it or where they bought it. Looks like a bear you would see with valentines day merchandise because of the heart so we assume thats when it was bought all those years ago. The stuffed heart is stitched onto both hands and the stomach. I am hoping someone can provide some information or owns the same one as ,like i said , i would love to see how it looked originally because its been through a lot all these years and would love yo see the comparison. I live in ireland so assuming it was bought in a irish or english store!

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