How old Is MY teddy Bear?

by Audra
(Albany Oregon USA)

Herbert the teddy bear

Herbert the teddy bear

My name is Herbert. I am not sure how old I am nor who made me. I dont have a tag showing my creator. My coat appears to be made of brown wool, my eyes are plastic and close together. My nose has been stitched on with black thread and the black thread has been used to stitch my parts together. I have black pads on my hands and feet, the cloth appears to be corduroy but I am unsure.
My joints are movable along with my head. I have been mended in a small area on my butt and it looks like thats where my tag used to be. My stuffing feels like beads in my belly and possibly cotton in my arms and legs. From the looks of my coat, I was loved very much. A bit worn in some places. My current owner keeps me in a plastic bag most of the time, only takes me out to wipe me down with a dry cloth and puts me right back in.
She does not want to part with me, she wants to find out my history and who my creator was.

Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

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