husbands bear in the 1950’s

by Barbara Henderson
(Soquel, Ca. USA)



The bear was my husbands bear in the 1950’s but had been handed down from his parents through two older siblings and then to him. My in laws were born in 1916 and 1917 respectively, and it was thought the bear was handed down to them. He has a kind of “rough” fur, I think it may be mohair. He is about 12 inches tall, with a light brown fur and dark brown pads on his paws. The pads are hand stitched, as is the mouth and nose. Part of the stitching on the nose is gone. The eyeballs appear to be some kind of button, possibly a natural material, but are dark brown with tan or golden specs. The button eyes are backed by a tiny piece of sand colored felt or leather. Hard to say which, but probably felt. The torso is an oval like shape, and the bear has jointed arms and legs as well as a jointed head that turns.

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