I need help finding out the age of my bear

by Vicky
(Cornwall, United Kingdom )

I need help finding out the age of my bear. He is a russ berrie and my fiance bought him from ebay for me I have asked the seller about any information they could give me but they told me that they rescued him from auction and to give him a good home as no body else wanted him I have looked all over the Internet and found nothing he is a very special bear his name is Teddy as that's what it says on his hushtag. I don't know why I'm interested to find out a little more about my bear I guess I'm just curious to find out. I would love to know if there are any more out there as I have checked everywhere all the websites I could think of I also checked all the books I have on bears but I can't find him anywhere else and that is why I have turned to this website that the seller my fiance bought Teddy from had recommended he is a sandy brown colour with a same sort of colour sewn stitched nose his paws and feet are made of some sort of velvet but not real velvet and Polyester with ground nut shells in his bum paws and feet he has quite a weight too him maybe he could be a rare bear and maybe that's why I can't find him anywhere or maybe a prototype it doesn't say that on his tag or the date of him but I would like to know everything about him but whatever the outcome it won't change the way I think or love for him Please can someone help me to find out more about him it will be greatly appreciated also his right foot faces the wrong way but I think that it makes him even more special. I'm not sure if I will ever find the information I'm looking for but any would help on this mysterious journey to know more about him. Can you please help on this great journey?

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