I think my bear is very old and I have not seen him anywhere after searching many hours online

by sela

basic looking but also different then all the others ive seen

basic looking but also different then all the others ive seen

this is my mystery bear. hes in very good condition head to toe but has zero identifying tags or markings. he was left behind in a box , in a falling down garage , after the family who owned him left him with the rest of whatever they apparently couldnt fit when they moved. I believe they passed away before they could return. everything left was highly personal , not the things most people leave in normal circumstances. by the time i found him the garage had been holding onto the left behind bear and other memories , at least 7 years from what I could tell by the last dates in the journals and the newspapers used to pack the breakables. im not certain if im supposed to write about the bears characteristics since i believe my photo shows him very well. please let me know is there any other information im supposed to include about him . If he is special or has a name or brand id really love to know. Thanks very much.

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