I want to know if my where my bears come from

by Connor Maher
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia )

I have two bears, one is pink and one is purple. I don't know how old they are but I've had them since I was a baby. They have fur made with string? The bottoms of the feet are soft and they have brown and black plastic eyes and a sewn on nose and mouth. All I can read from the tag is that it is filled with polyester stuffing. In the purple bear, there is little plastic beads in the bum part as filling but the rest is stuffing. This isn't in the pink bear as it has been repaired and refilled multiple times. The limbs are not rotatable but they can be moved into different positions. The arms are curved inwards and the legs have feet. There is a muzzle but it isn't very defined from years of love. At this point the head is more of a rounded shape with extra stuffing at the front for a muzzle but I can imagine brand new would have a more defined muzzle shape. There is a small tail St the back and that is where the tag is. The body is kind of squared at the bottom on the legs are sewn on at the front of the body so that the bear can sit. There is a silver péice of string on the head of the purple bear. The mouth is not smiling and is just going in two straight lines diagonally downwards.

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Mar 28, 2018

by: Kate

Hi You say you've hd them since you were a baby. When was that? It would people more idea on their possible origin. Thanks

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