I would be pleased if i could find this teddybear 😢 it really means to me

by Instagram : littlepploy
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Pui pui teddybear in past 20 years

Pui pui teddybear in past 20 years

Here is my beloved teddybear. I named her Pui pui which means fluffy in english. I got her when i was only 2 years old (as mom told me). She is a gift from my dad’s best friend after a trip in Japan. I really love her. I even held her a mini birthday party on 25 dec. It feels like she is my sister. Sometime i thought she might be lonely being stuck with me for 21 years and it would be better if i could find another teddybear with same design or know exactly what the brand is or where the shop is. I have tried to search on Google but never got any clues. I’m just hoping that if anyone see this post could help me. This really means to me. Ps. There might be a little prize to the one who found the brand, the manufacturer, the shop or another teddybear.

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