Icicle and Joni White Bears

by Lindsey Agostinelli
(United Kingdom)



I have been making bears for three years now & Icicle is the first polar bear I have made. He is made from a lovely, soft plush, synthetic fur. He stands at approximately 10" & is around 18" long. He is 5 way cotter pin jointed with hand made Alpaca wool felt pads. His muzzle is hand shaded.

Joni is a 13" bear made from an incredibly soft, long synthetic, plush fur. She is 5 way cotter pin jointed with English, blue glass eyes. She has cotton fabric pads & inner ears. She wears a "human" fascinator, & her shawl is made from cotton fabric & the lace trim is from a vintage linen place mat. It is held together with a vintage brooch.


Thanks Lindsey for sharing your two white bears with us. As you are a bear artist you may like to have your own page on our site under the handmade section. Let me know and I can arrange some interview questions for you via email. Kate

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