Identify maker and date for my teddy bear.

by Alison Sutcliffe

I was given my bear 60 years ago but he wasn’t new to me. He is jointed with wooden disc with a hooped pin through disc. He is filled with excelsior. His fur is mohair and has bald patches and the backing can be seen in places. Not sure if his eyes are glass or plastic but are orange circle and black centre. His nose is stitched black wool. He has a working tilt growler which has German printed paper on the top of the casing. I can’t read German but it looks like pages from a book. He is very firmly stuffed and creaks and rustles when squeezed. I have looked for identifying marks or buttons but can find none. I would love to know how old he is and who made him. I have recently cleaned and brushed his fur which was very dirty with years of being played with. I have also repaired his arm which was broken with wood wool and a new wooden joint.

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