identifying age and maker of teddy bear and possible value

by Vivienne Crudeli
(Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia)

full image of teddy

full image of teddy

My teddy was given to me at birth - 1960 in Western Australia.
He is about 19" long, is almost bald now, but what fur is left appears to be synthetic?. He has jointed arms and legs and leather/(or possibly vinyl) pads on all paws. He has glass brown/red eyes and stuffed with what appears to be straw. I have only just noticed that there appears to be some sort of box (possibly a voice box) inside in his upper back. His nose is hand stitched, but that may have been since added.
I am in the process of darning his holes with matching cotton at the moment, but would appreciate any feedback on him.
Given his condition, I would assume he is not worth much as he was very well loved.
My email is if anyone can provide info and I am happy to supply photos if requested.

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