Identity of this harlequin bear?

by Laurie
(Eugene, Oregon)

harlequin bear?

harlequin bear?

We are trying to determine the exact age, maker, and value of this bear. We found this bear in an old trunk. We believe it to be from about 1900. The owner is in his mid-80's and we believe that the bear belonged to his father as it was found in a trunk with his father's baby clothes that were labeled as such. He is 15 inches long and is part pink and part cream colored. His head is cream, arms and legs, are one of each color and the body is half cream and half pink with the seam down the center. He is fully articulated. His paws all appear to have been replaced. They are velvet, tho may have been something else originally. His ears are round and his eyes are small black button type eyes. His legs don't point forward exactly. One almost seems to be on backwards. I can't tell if they were taken off at one point, or if this is the way he came.

He has no tags and no evidence that there was anything attached like a button in his ear or anything like that. I can't tell what he is made of, but possibly mohair. His body is firm, and could be stuffed with something like straw.

The owner is currently in assisted living and we are trying to raise money for his care by selling some of his things, so we want to make of what we have, before we try to sell it.

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Oct 22, 2015
Flat back, to ear holes.
by: Laurie

His back is nearly flat, and no hole that I can detect in either ear.

Oct 21, 2015
More info?
by: Anonymous

Does he have a hump back? And does he have a hole in his ear at all?

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