Identity Of This Unusual Bear

Unusual Teddy Bear

Unusual Teddy Bear

Can anybody identify this unusual bear?
I bought him about twenty years ago at a boot sale in Lincoln and was told by the seller that he was an old bear.
He is 12 inches tall has boot button eyes and is straw filled and fully jointed.
He also has a squeaker that still works sometimes.
His body I think is plush not sure on this, and he has an open mouth with a pink tongue.
His nose is felt and he has felt on the end of each of his arms and legs shaped to simulate claws, also above his eyes he has light coloured plush to simulate eye brows and this colour is also in his ears and muzzle on his chest and feet and arm paws.
A very unusual bear, you can tell he is very old by the musty smell, I have researched on line and haven't yet found a bear that resembles this one so I would be grateful if anyone has an inkling of what he is.

I haven't found any trace of identification on him no labels or button in the ear etc

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