Info on a childhood teddy bear.

by Lucy
(Newcastle upon Tyne, England )

childhood teddy bear.

childhood teddy bear.

I got this bear from a long distance relative, and it's been very loved, to the point where his neck has been strained, is stuffing is almost gone, and he lost the tie he came with. Now that I'm older, I was wondering where he is from, and if anyone else has a similar bear out there. He didnt have any tags on him when I got him, he was just in a large black bin bag, with a load of other teddy's that have now been given to a charity shop. If anyone knows any details about him, if they were a collector's item or just your run of the mill Teddy bear. Maybe he was part of a set, maybe he is in fact a she, I just want to know, since I've been wondering for a very long time. The only clue that might say something was a Holland coin found in his chest when the stitching came loose. It may be nothing, since it seems weird to put a coin in a teddy, but it could be something.

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