Info on my 70 year old American teddy

by Monica

70 year old American teddy

70 year old American teddy

Hello my name is Monica and I live in the UK, this is my teddy bear which was sent as a gift to my parents by relatives in America nearly 70 years ago. He arrived 2 weeks before I was born. He has been much loved by me and still sits on my bedside table but he is showing his age. I would love to get some information on him if anyone can help. I believe his fur is mohair but it's now mostly worn away. He has a stitched nose although only half remaining and originally had a stitched mouth. I do have a photo of me with him when I was a baby but he is lying down and not easy to see. It looks like he might have also had a little tongue. He is missing his eyes which I remember to be black domed button eyes but I don't know if they were the original eyes. His joints are not moveable and he has paw pads. I think he has a growler as he makes a funny noise when shaken and rattles a bit but the growler doesn't work. His approximate measurements are: total length is 17", arm length is 4.5", and leg length is 7".

I have tried to research him and the teddy that I found that look similar to him was described as an American Knickerbocker stick teddy bear.

I would really love to know more about him. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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